Fractional CMO Services

Need a CMO but don’t have the budget?

Many B2B companies in crowded, challenging playing fields are underperforming in their marketing efforts. Though they lack top-tier strategic marketing coaches, it doesn’t make financial sense to employ full-time marketing leaders.

That’s why we offer Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services—to provide outsourced marketing expertise and CMO strategy for a fraction of the employee cost.

Major Benefits of Fractional CMO Services:

Fractional CMOs are seasoned professionals who can lead both the strategic and the day-to-day marketing charge. They offer all the benefits of strategic marketing consultants plus a closer, day-to-day working relationship and more flexible schedule and fee arrangements. They can be embedded in your senior executive team for exactly the amount of time you need them each month.

All of Marketri’s Fractional CMOs are industry veterans with exceptional track records and knowledge of modern marketing best practices. You’ll get a Fractional CMO who fits your needs and can:

  • Analyze your business plan and create a dynamic overall marketing strategy, content marketing strategy, and/or social media marketing strategy.
  • Organize and oversee the tactical implementation of that strategy.
  • Advance your marketing into the digital era, embracing powerful, scalable technologies.
  • Craft a positioning statement and clear messaging that differentiates you from your competitors at a time when many companies are struggling to make themselves seen and heard.
  • Structure or restructure your marketing department.
  • Expertly direct and mentor your in house marketing manager and/or coordinator.
  • Put metrics in place so that you can clearly see the undeniable return on your marketing investment.

This Unique Solution is Ideally Suited for:

A Fractional CMO can help any growth-minded B2B company struggling to leverage the power of modern marketing. Fractional CMO Services generally suit companies with annual revenues of $3 million or more, with loosely organized or non-existent marketing departments and a need for both strategic and day-to-day marketing leadership.

Straight From the Fractional CMO Front Lines:

Marketri Founder and President Debbie Andrews hailed the potential of a Fractional CMO well before the concept captured broad attention. Her work in this role showcases how much a top-tier Fractional CMO can achieve. As her blog posts “You Want a Piece of Me?” and “Explaining the B2B Fractional CMO in Terms My Mom Can Understand” highlight, a talented and dedicated Fractional CMO can bring energy and insight to your marketing efforts and deliver the growth-driving results you’ve been missing.

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