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You know what I’ve learned? I’ve learned what the hell marketing is. For 30 years, I had no idea but knew that I was spending a lot of money and didn’t have anything to show for it. And I’ve never been more excited about what we are doing and our marketing department.”

–CEO of a national, privately held growth company after Marketri’s first progress report


Sound familiar? Believe it or not, we hear feedback like this from CEOs and business owners all the time. Many B2B companies that turn to Marketri have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on “marketing” over the years without any guiding strategic plan and with relatively little to show for the expense. It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Marketri, we dedicate ourselves to one thing and one thing only – making B2B businesses grow in today’s demanding and rapidly changing digital world. We’re a full service Strategic Marketing Consulting and Fractional CMO company, and we know that modern marketing is the engine behind that growth. Founded in 2004 by industry veteran Debbie Andrews, Marketri operates as a one stop marketing shop for middle market B2B companies across the business spectrum. Our expert marketing strategists leverage state of the art best practices, advanced technologies and metrics, and a network of highly skilled specialist sub-contractors to help you generate warm leads, engage new and existing customers, and accelerate revenue. And we won’t stop until we’ve turned your B2B business into a marketing rock star!

We’ll design your strategic marketing plan, outline clear implementation steps, recommend and oversee the best people to bring the plan boldly to life, and regularly monitor and measure the results. Ultimately, the numbers won’t lie. You’ll see an undeniable return on your marketing investment that will resonate for years to come.

Is Marketri right for you? We’ll step in to address other scenarios that may be familiar:

    • Your marketing department is either failing, flailing, or non-existent. We’ll structure or restructure a cost-efficient marketing department and make certain it’s functioning proactively and delivering the results you’ve always hoped to see.
    • You’ve tried “scattershot” marketing and it just isn’t working. Modern marketing isn’t about designing a couple of pretty brochures or pushing out direct mail once a year. We reject most tired, once-and-done marketing methods and instead channel resources into integrated, strategically-driven “evergreen” marketing that will drive growth both today and well into the future.
    • You have aggressive growth goals and business as usual isn’t getting you any closer to reaching them. Your rivals are growing fiercer and more sophisticated every day. We’ll rally the troops and help you jump in front of the marketing curve and in front of the competition!
    • Your sales team is wasting time, energy, and money laboring with cold leads. We’ll integrate your sales and marketing efforts, and we’ll show you how to generate the warm leads that will makes your sales outreach more productive than ever. No more cold calls!
    • Your competitors are seemingly everywhere — all over social media, launching blogs and new websites, mentioned in the press, and popping up first on Google — and you wonder why you’re almost invisible. We’ll create the kind of vibrant, relevant digital content that hooks new and existing customers and gives them all the reason they need to look no further than your dynamic company.

We’d be happy to schedule a call and tell you more about strategic modern marketing and the many doors it can open for your B2B business…


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