Service Overview:

Marketing is an essential element for management consulting firms regardless of your size, specialty or geography.  Conveying the need for and complex factors of your services while explaining your value proposition in a manner that can be understood by a layperson is a precarious balancing act.  Buyers may assume they don’t need you if they don’t understand how or why you can help them. So what’s a growth-oriented consulting firm to do? The answer depends upon the size and circumstances of your firm.

Mid-sized to Large Consulting Firms ($20-100 million)

Management consulting firms of this size have one or more in-house marketing professionals. We have learned their biggest sources of challenges and opportunities include:

  • Thought Leadership:  Most firms of this size have one or more specializations and want to be viewed as subject matter experts.  Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing may be the right services to get potential buyers, the media and trade publications turning to you for advice.
  • Warm Lead Generation: You can close business but just don’t get enough opportunities to be placed in front of interested buyers.  Inbound Marketing drives warm leads into and down the sales funnel and could be the right solution for your firm.

Small Consulting Firms ($3-20 million)

Smaller consulting firms may have a Marketing Administrator or Marketing Coordinator but no one to lead the charge.  They also don’t have the expertise to both fully execute an integrated marketing program and measure the results.  Here’s how Marketri can help:

  • Marketing Leadership: Debbie Andrews, a management consulting marketer with over 20 years of experience, offers Strategic Marketing Consulting to smaller firms needing direction on how to use marketing resources to drive the highest long-term ROI for their consulting services.
  • Marketing Execution / Measurement: Smaller firms often provide a high degree of senior-level attention to their clients, leaving little to no time to think about how to manage the marketing function.  Full-Service Integrated Marketing is a great fit for firms that need to keep a laser focus on their core business.